Our Values

Tradition and innovation interwoven together

As a leader of our industry, we closely monitor and follow all the innovations of the textile production processes; we update and integrate advanced technologies as well as new and environmentally friendly materials.

However, since the Tallit is a traditional product, which represents deep religious values and emotions, we make sure that in spite of the technological upgrades, still the unique nature of the final product will be preserved and will provide its user with the same sensation of the fabric touch, same as the tallit of father, of grandfather, and of many earlier generations.

Some of the Prayer shawls model, including the well - known “Prima AA”, have been manufactured for well over 100 consecutive years, with the same design and quality, which had not changes over the years.

Quality at an affordable price

The tallit is a necessary item in every Jewish home, and an integral part of Jewish life. Therefore, we believe that it must be affordable to all product and for this reason, we avoid turning the Tallit into a costly article.

Family owned company and mutual responsibility

Talitnia is a family owned company and it is run with family values and a sense of mutual responsibility. Many of our employees have been with us dozens of years, and we all share life’s joyous moments as well as the sad ones.

Commitment to the society and the community

In addition to our deep commitment to the religion and the traditions of Israel, we act in various ways to benefit our society and community and frequently donate Prayer shawls to orphans and to the needy.

We employ people with special needs and disabilities within our factory, performing suitable work and assisting them in making an honorable living, strengthen their feel of self - value and knowing that we welcome them as a part of our society. We recruit new immigrants from all Jewish diaspora and contribute to their integration in the Israeli society while encouraging them to create warm social connections among themselves and to bond with the Israeli society.

Tallit for every Jew

Talitnia has been designing and manufacturing Prayer shawls for every congregation and every stream of Judaism, through a deep and long - lasting knowledge of the market demands and the needs of the congregation.

We supply prayer shawls to the various courts of the Hasidim, while taking into account the unique characteristics of each of them and upholding the strictest compliance with the most stringent kosher requirements.