Custom Tailored Prayer Shawls

Fulfilling your dreams

If you wish to give away to your guests a unique tallit at a special family events such as bar mitzvahs, weddings or a day of remembrance, contributions to the congregation, or for any other purpose, we will gladly help you to fulfill your dream.

Our design department is ready to fulfill any request, and offer unique design solutions for every idea and every dream of yours.

Your personal tallit: all the options

• Weaving of the entire tallit or a design according to client's idea

• Design and manufacturing of unique adorned edge with a relevant verse from the Portion of the Week or any other idea

• Design and manufacture unique tallit corners

• Tailoring of a fancy label to mark or commemorate the event


Custom tailored prayer shawls can be ordered at a minimum of 200 wool prayer shawls, size 50 and upwards, or 300 acrylic prayer shawls, size 50 and upwards.