Malchut (Royalty) (Black)

The Malchut-Royalty tallit is a prestigious pray shawl, every detail of which is a work of art lovingly created by the artists of Talitnia, combining their incredible talents to create the perfect tallit. The Malchut tallit, with its outstanding beauty and quality, immediately dominated the market of prayer shawls from the very first day of manufacture.

Delicate, pure wool yarns are woven in a delicate and complex textile composition in a unique finishing process bestowing a singularly soft and pleasant sensation, while maintaining the quality and durability of this elegant fabric.

This impressive tallit is available in a black stripe pattern, which integrates pure wool in the corners, in addition to a white striped pattern. The adornment and corners are woven from pure wool, while the fringes are entwined in an elegant double knot.

The following designs are available :