Belz (Dark Blue)

When concerns arose among the Belz Hasidim regarding shatnez in the prayer shawls the Belz Hasidim used to import from Tunisia for many years, a decision was made to search for a new factory to produce the renowned Belz Hasidism prayer shawls. The Talitnia factory was selected for the task, after each step in the tallit development had received the approval of the Hasidic Rebbe, and had met the meticulous scrutiny of the Hasidic Rebbe’s inspectors.

The Belz tallit stands out because of its stripes of dark blue, resembling black, which is customary among the Hasidim. The matching of the exact color was a long process spreading over many months, and several trials were required until the Talitnia team succeeded in reaching the exact color and the required quality. The tallit includes a lining and side reinforcements, as is customary in Hasidism.

The whole production process is done under the strict supervision of the Belz Hasidim and every shipment of yarn arriving at the factory is meticulously inspected in an uncompromising shatnez laboratory.

  • The tallit is sold exclusively to the Belz Hasidim.
The following designs are available :