Chabad Tallit (Special)

The Chabad prayer shawls are woven from pure, delicate and caressing wool, and are known for their unique stripes pattern typical of Chabad. The tallit is noted for its many thick black stripes, resembling the tallit of the Rebbe and as is customary in Hasidism.

Talitnia manufactures Chabad prayer shawls in a number of patterns to match the personal taste and style of each Hassid. Some of the models are Light Chabad Tallit, David Chabad Tallit (including a special fabric fold which prevents the tallit from slipping off during prayers), and even a man-made fiber tallit allowing the young generation to boast a prestigious Chabad prayer shawl at an affordable price.

The Chabad prayer shawls are sent to the Chabad Houses around the world and they too are used to spread Judaism in foreign lands.

The following designs are available :