Real Tunisian/Turkish Tallit (Black)

The Real Tunisian/Turkish tallit is woven from especially thick wool yarn, bestowing a coarse and heavy appearance, exactly like the prayer shawls produced in Tunis over 150 years ago, providing the feeling and weight of the tallit of years gone by, prior to the modern technological age. Some say that a worshipper wrapped in a real Turkish prayer shawl feels the weight of the Mitzvahs on his shoulders…

The tallit comes with a lining and side reinforcements adding many years to the durability of the prayer shawl, and is finished with a double knot of the tallit tips, adding to its beauty and elegance.

The Real Tunisian/Turkish prayer shawl comes with no adornment, and its owner may add a silver adornment according to his personal taste.

The following designs are available :