Shirat Deborah (Song of Deborah) (Black)

Two especially elegant prayer shawls. The Shirat Miriam tallit is woven of especially light pure wool threads and a unique weave allowing for a high thread count providing the tallit with a light and airy feel and a smooth as silk touch. The Shirat Deborah tallit is woven in the same unique weave, but with somewhat thicker threads providing the tallit with a slightly heavier and more substantial feel, combined with a slightly rough surface for better hanging.

Both prayer shawls are available with a high level of finish and include a lining and reinforcements. The tallit tips reinforcements are made of the same wool as the main body of the tallit and perfectly integrates into it. The same is true for the tallit corners made of reinforced wool fabric. The corners of Shirat Deborah tallit is also decorated with a double knot providing it with beauty and elegance.

  • Sold exclusively.
The following designs are available :