Prima AA (Black)

Prima AA, the flagship of Talitnia’s prayer shawls, has been manufactured for over 100 years. The tallit was originally designed by Rabbi Jacob Koppel Sviyetchkovski towards the end of the 19th century in Poland, and the tradition of manufacture continued in the Land of Israel by his son, Rabbi David Avner, after his immigration to Israel.

Today you can find prayer shawls of this type in various Holocaust and Heroism memorial sites, among them, the Auschwitz death camp museum and the town of Tikochin in Poland.

This exceptional tallit is manufactured from only the purest, fine and smooth wool yarns densely woven to provide the tallit a prestigious appearance, as well as long lasting durability.

Above all, this tallit represents the many years continuity of Talitnia’s rich tradition, and proudly stands as a living testament to the victory of the Jewish People.

The following designs are available :